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TorahsPlus Judaica - About Us

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We have been supplying the Jewish community for over 50 years with better – new and used quality Torahs, Tefillin and mezuzahs.

In 1950, Rabbi Zelig Blumenthal, a seventh generation Yerushalmi, came to New York City from Jerusalem, Israel with his family. In New York, he saw that there was a growing demand to supply synagogues with beautiful Torah scrolls. Remembering the workmanship from the old generations, he decided to supply the traditional quality from the old city.

Rabbi Blumenthal’s reputation, as a soifer (scribe) of the highest quality, spread rapidly. In a neighborhood of scribes, located in the Lower East Side of New York, he became known as a “scribe’s scribe”, one who followed the laws and customs of one’s heritage. He passed his knowledge on to his son Rabbi Mordechai Blumenthal. As time went on, Reb. Mordechai Blumenthal diversified into all types of Judaica. In addition to supplying torah scrolls, teffillin and mezuzahs, offers a wide variety of traditional yamilkas, seforim, and benchers. Also, customizes each product to one’s preference. is a specialty retailer/wholesaler, offering an assortment of trusted Jewish products. The unique line of products is the reason more and more people visit every year. This is our heritage, and our Future!

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